Release notes

Dofus Retro: 1.35.0

1.3.2   20/sep/2021

  • Fixed the translation of the status of various items in English and French.
  • The Aerdala Set is now working correctly.
  • The Cherry Blop Set (Blop Guinda) has been fixed in the Spanish version.

1.3.1   15/sep/2021

  • Fixed a bug on Qu'Tan and Ilyzaelle sets
  • AP/MP Parry fixed to 1 each 4 wisdom points.
Version 1.3.0 01/sep/2021

Bug fixes and improvements

Added some missing items
  • The statuses of the following items have been fixed:
    • Dofus Ébano: damage corrected from 11 to 20 to 9 to 15.
    • Dofus Marfim: range corrected from 1 to 2 to 2.
    • Bottes Qu'Tan: added the power effect.
  • Added the following missing items (name and level):
    • Rat Belt (55), Ruskie Hat (151), Sewer Warden Boots (83), Hammer O'In (129), Daggers Sives (143).
    Certainly a few more items must still be missing. Help us reset them to items catalog by contacting us!
  • Also added the item "Gelano Exo MP" Gelano Exo PM in the item catalog, to facilitate projects that they use Gelanel with PM exo in their compositions.
  • Fixed a bug in vitality when changing the level of projects and also when loading projects from other users.
  • Fixed a bug where some weapons did not display critical hit values.
  • Fixed a bug where the catalog level was turned down.

Other improvements

  • The Qu'Tan and Ilyzaelle set items have been correctly translated into all languages.
  • Fixed several grammatical errors of items in the Spanish version.
  • Removed some pets for tests that were appearing in the catalog.
  • The Nomoon pet as modified to 90 prospecting.
  • It is no longer possible to enter levels above 200 or below 1 in projects.

Final considerations

This update of Dofus Creator Retro brought few new features, but the main thing is to keep the site working for all those who access it to build their projects, and that's why these fixes were applied, to extend life useful from our website!

More than half of the corrections applied here came from user reports, who contacted us through Facebook, E-mail and mainly by our Discord.

Previous versions:

19/05/2021 Ver 1.2.1
Version 1.2.1 19/may/2021

Ilyzaelle and Qu'Tan introduce themselves!

The new sets of version 1.35 are now available!
  • Added all items of the new 1.35 version of Dofus Retro!

    Remembering that the translation into Portuguese, Spanish and English will arrive in the next update.
  • Fixed weapon damage calculations and penalties for each class. The calculation of weapon damage is now more accurate.
  • Now the critical chance of the weapons correctly respond to the player's agility.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to view weapon damage with Sacriers.
  • Fixed several item bugs with effects related to traps , such as, items with traps power being computed as common power.
    Remember that the damage from trap power of traps are not counted.
  • Added our
  • The "Hide special items" button now it is saved in the browser cookies according to its last markup.
    In addition, it has also been moved to the top, making it more noticeable.
  • Fixed a bug where scrolls were not taken into account when distributing characters' points.

Other improvements

  • Minor visual improvements to various interface elements throughout the site
  • We added the targeting buttons and shortcuts to our policy and privacy at the bottom of the site and also on the registration page.
  • The registration page has also been added to the newsletter for new users not to use their logins that they use in the game here, to access the Dofus Creator.
  • The Name or description filter has been removed. This is because it is causing problems now and will be improved in the future.
  • Added the New project button on the find projects page and in the panel
  • End of the beta version of the Spanish language. Several translations have been corrected and many more have been added to the site.
  • Corrections to the status of some items


Hey there, how long ago, huh?
The Dofus Creator Retro has not received as many updates as the Dofus Creator version Dofus 2, however with the arrival of version 1.35 of the Retro Dofus this update was present, and here we are!

Feel free to report bugs found in this version and join our Discord!

15/10/2020 Ver 1.1.0
Version 1.1.0 10/15/2020

Dofus Creator Retro!

The beta test comes to an end, and now it's for real!
  • Class information (weapons and characteristics) is now displayed in the right corner of the page. Before it was necessary to hover to see them and many users were confused.
  • Site fully translated into Spanish! Now all items and elements of the Dofus Creator Retro interface can be consulted in Spanish. Very soon the Dofus Creator version Dofus 2 will also have compatibility with the Spanish language.
  • Now all items and spells work correctly for French and English.
  • A prototype of cookies is being tested on the website. At the moment, we are saving what was the last race and level that you configured in your project.
  • Now when you filter an item by its effect, items with negative effects from that filter are no longer displayed.
  • Several small improvements have been implemented in the Dofus Creator Retro. These improvements will also be passed on to the official Dofus Creator and you can see the details in the update notes.
  • Dozens of small translations (English and French) corrected.
  • Dozens of small bugs fixed on the platform since the beta test.


The version of the Dofus Creator Retro is officially on the air! Some bugs can still happen and it may need some polishing.
The Retro Dofus Creator will not stand still in time. Whenever new changes arrive at the official version of Dofus Creator, they will also be implemented here.

20/09/2020 Ver b-1.0
Version b.1.0 20/07/2020

Dofus Creator Retro - Beta Test

Your beloved Dofus Creator is now available in the Retro version!
  • Most of the items in the Retro version are available to be equipped and mage.
  • All spells and class buffs are available! We were careful to reorganize the entire spell structure of the Dofus Creator to adapt to the old Dofus 1.29 standards.
  • Some images of the items still belong to Dofus 2, but over time all of them will be adapted to the official Dofus Retro versions.
  • For now, in the beta version, it is not possible to save projects, but this feature will soon be available.

Changes on the way

More time is still needed to arrange everything in a way that is perfect, see what we are preparing for the Dofus Creator Retro very soon:
  • The Dofus 1.29 database is very limited and scarce, because of that some items (few) and images are missing, we will fix them all very soon.
  • The item above also depicts the status of the equipment name. We used all much of the Dofus Creator database to get a translation of the items into both French and Portuguese (because the database the original is in English), and with that, the equipment and sets came with the Dofus 2 version names. The idea is to gradually correct the name of the items.
  • We want to add the effects of class items to spells. We will do this both in the Dofus Creator Retro and in the Dofus Creator itself.
  • We are working on the Spanish version of Dofus Creator and Dofus Creator Retro.
  • Don't think that even though Ankama promises not to bring changes to the nostalgia of Dofus 1.29, Dofus Creator Retro will be stuck in time (as well as some builders out there) coff coff ... all significant changes made to the official Dofus Creator website will also be implemented here at Dofus Creator Retro! So news and innovations are always to come.
  • As soon as the mobile version for Android comes out for Dofus Creator, Dofus Creator Retro will also receive its Android version too :D


Many, many users of Dofus Creator always ask for a version 1.29 of the platform, but it takes a lot of time and effort to make it happen. As a dev for Dofus Creator and now for Dofus Creator Retro it is very difficult for me to demand a lot of work and dedication for something that will not bring me a financial return, which is why the Dofus Creator as a whole is made with a lot of love , because it is a platform made from a mere Dofus player to other Dofus players, I believe that is why it works so well and that everyone likes it so much.
Thank you all and continue being the beautiful ones you are ❤️